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Olomouc Garrison Orchestra




Military History of Music in Olomouc dates back to the Austro-Hungarian Empire. After the First World War the Ministry of Defence of the former Czechoslovakia decided to provide 43 garrison orchestras. After a series of reorganisations, the orchestra began writing its modern history as a music 4th Infantry Regiment. It was in the year of 1945.


Currently, the Military Band Olomouc professional brass orchestra in the number of 46 musicians and two conductors. All members of the orchestra are graduates of military conservatory or State Conservatory, respectively. JAMU graduates and AMU, which is reflected in the artistic quality of the orchestra and the performance of recently played songs.


Outside the classical repertoire for brass band, enriching their performances and instrumentation of tunes from movies and musicals and popular songs of groups / Queen, Beatles /. In his concert activities frequently uses the formation of Moravian composers / Milos Machek, Mojmir Mason, Francis Manas, Jiří Volf /.


The focal point of music lies in the implementation of the tasks arising from the needs of the armed forces, and not least in concert activities for the general public and educational work for young people in the territory of northern Moravia. We can not leave unnoticed cooperation with Czech Radio, Moravian Philharmonic Orchestra and performances abroad / Denmark, Poland, Austria, Germany and Italy /.


The conductor's stand has in the past succeeded illustrious bandleaders such jmen-. Dr. Robert cup, Karol Mikuláštík, Adolf Hamer, Charles Pitra, Henry Zbožínek, Otto Vymětal and Vladimir Peter. At present, the commander while the chief conductor of music Major Gustav Foret and his deputy, Captain Richard Czuczor.